Saturday, December 11, 2010

Feeding the Readers

When I first arrived in the universe of fan fiction I was introduced to the word - lurking - a word quite new to my English vocabulary. The most operative explanation of the term that I could find was "Feed the Bard" as in sending the writer of the fic's you read a mail - preferably telling her that you enjoyed her work!

Over time I've gotten around to doing that - feeding the bard that is - a few times. It has been a quite pleasant experience as all the bards that I've feed have responded with a nice reply. It might be because I only feed the bards that I can give a real positive response! Well - I do actually tell the bards how I feel about their stories, and I do point out any weak parts that I've found, but I guess the bards are just really nice people.

Even if I do feed the bards - I'm quit sure that I don't do so nearly enough! Why is that - well I guess I just decided to do my feeding by reviewing the stories that I enjoy. This way the bards can read the reviews if they really wants to know a readers thoughts on their writing, and those that really don't want to know - can keep their ignorance.

Well that's one way of putting it, but I guess that I really just found it much more enjoying to feed readers than bards (shame on me ;-)!

When I first arrived in the fan fiction universe I neeeeede someone to point me in the direction of the better quality fic's and the archives that sported the best collection of stories. I spend too much time wading around classic fan fiction which is just not my cup of tea - sorry ;-) If you haven't guessed by now I'm really not here for the "fan" part of fan fiction, I'm here for the lesfic theme.

So the reviewing is my way of lending a hand to readers looking for a fic worth reading.

I'm quite aware that my thoughts on the quality of a storyline or the writing is subjective. That you might disagree with me on my reviews or my rating of a fic. I would find it strange if we didn't disagree now and then! The reviews are just my thoughts and a bit of a ramble on the stories that I read. Should you happen to disagree with me please let your fellow readers know by posting a comment.

And if you happen to have a favourite story that you think other readers should know about, you could leave a comment below. If I agree with you I might get around to doing a review sometime. On the other hand you could also just feed The Bard a line - I'm sure it would be appreciated!


  1. I have a suggestion for a fic review :-) My all time favorite would be "The Light Fantastic" and its sequel "Inside Out" by the all to quiet lately LA Tucker. Both feature an imperfectly delightful cast full of neurotic, slightly nutty oddballs you cant help but love even though you may want to strangle them. A bumpy screwball romance well worth saving to your hard drive.

  2. I definitely second that!!
    Great stories...I'm sure you'll like them, UK ;)

  3. I do like them a lot - I've been saving them for a rainy day, but I guess that I'll have to put together the reviews soon!