Thursday, December 09, 2010

Roadkill by Plantesolin

Pick up the remote for you TV and browse the channels or pick up one of those “top ten” novels at you local supermarket and you are sure to see her. She is out there on the streets of a major city, in the darkness investigating yet another homicide, giving a little too much of herself on the job, not really fitting in with her fellow detectives and on the edge with her boss.

This time her name is Sydney and she’s on her own - on the crime scene as in her private life, but don’t worry her life is going to change as the Commissioner of Police has brought in a new lieutenant to clean up the act at the Homicide Division. Alex Marshal - the women put in charge of changing the division - is a career driven officer out to see results, and she’ll change the rules and break up set teams to get what she wants.

Yes - your are right the scene is set for confrontation as Sydney and Alex meet and ...... feel an instant attraction! A change of scene from detective work to romance on the job and the question “Do You Believe in Love at First Sight” is imminent. So put away your gun and ... well you could pick up a basket ball and go play some “one on one” with Sydney and Alex as they feel up each other for more than just a win on the basket ball court. The ladies are great ballplayers with a lot of fast moves and stamina, and I for one would love to see the feisty little blond and the tall dark lieutenant shoot some baskets.

Now don’t get your hopes up too soon, it might be love at first sight, but family, the risk to careers and Sydney’s reluctance to believe in the possibility of a committed relationship will create the necessary bumps on the road to “living happily ever after”.

“Roadkill” is more romance than drama but that’s OK with me, I’ll get my “crime time” on TV when I need it. As for the romance I do miss a bit of the intense feeling you get when you are left to wonder if love is reciprocated, and I guess that some might miss a bit of heavy breathing from behind a closed bedroom door, but you can get that anywhere!

All in all I found Roadkill to be an entertaining romance - interesting enough to keep me from using any of the fast scroll movements that will so easily get you through the boring parts of a storyline.

Plantesoline treats us to a sequel “Aftermath” which I didn’t find quite as catching as “Roadkill”, but if you like the ladies and want to know where their relationship is heading - go look it up.

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