Sunday, December 05, 2010

Second Best by Estillore

Let’s pretend for just a moment that same-sex marriage is available for anyone who wish to make a commitment to their partner! If that’s the case then I believe that the reasons to marry might be as plentiful as leaves on a tree. You might marry for love, money, convenience or for reasons that I can’t imagine. Whatever the reason it’s fine with me - as long as the marriage is based on a mutual and freely given consent from both spouses ;-)    

I might on the other hand ask what exactly made Kate marry Erin. She will probably say love, but - sorry - I’ve got to ask the sanity of such a decision. Would you marry the love of your life if you knew for sure that you only came in “Second Best"? That given the chance your wife would choose someone else over you?

“Second Best” is a well written short story told by Kate in a rather sad tone of voice as she evaluates her life and make a decision about her future and that of her marriage. If you want to know if a divorce is imminent - go read the story.

A tattoo on her inner thigh, a marriage licence, a massive hangover and a naked brunette in her hotel bed! Aster aren’t quite sure how she got into a mess like this, but - apart for the tattoo - I guess the rest is easy enough to take care of - a couple of painkillers, some clothes and an annulment should do it.

Now how much fun would we have if Aster didn’t get to try out that marriage thing? It’s Mavis so the women go for a rump and apart from the heat it creates it also make an annulment based on the marriage not having been consummated rather redundant!

I won’t try to explain how Aster and her wife ends up living together, but they do and somehow along the way the “accidental marriage” turns into something more than just an accident.

Stewed, Screwed and Tattooed” and the sequel “After the Honeymoon” are the usual heated romance from Mavis’s pen - fast moving and fun with a couple of women ready to take a roll in the hay whenever possible. I thought it fit well with the more sombre tone of “Second Best”.

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