Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Narcoleptic's Guide to Romance" by Vivian Darkbloom

Take it from the beginning ... and again .... try that passage once more.... yes that it! Noo perhaps not ... try it again and this time be sure to hang on to the last node, let the tone play itself out.

Even if this isn’t a music score the story plays out like a classical tune of love and angst, sadness and joy, a battle against upbringing, religion and inner beliefs and all the time the question hovers above “Do love conquer all?”

This isn’t the easy reading we are usually served in the world of Uber-fiction, it’s catching and moving because it’s very well written, different, demanding and not following the usual standard storyline of on-line lesfic. And yet again it’s just a short story of a relationship between two women. One out-and-proud with a “damn you all” kind of attitude, the other with strict religious upbringing that creates a solid barrier against pursuing the love of a woman.

“A Narcoleptic’s Guide to Romance” is the first part in a series of three short stories of Danny and Kate. This first part of the series is by far the best with a storyline that give an intriguing insight into the past and present of Danny and Kate’s relationship. The sequel “A Lexicon for the Sunday Morning Sleeper” is detached bits and pieces of information on this and that from Kate’s point of view. This part is a smart tie-over to the third and last part of the series “Partita” that plays out as the overture - an opening even if it’s really the end of the story of Danny and Kate.

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