Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Ramble Mac vs. PC

Ahhh she is slick with a well toned body and delicate features. She sits effortlessly in my lap ready to perform any task I might wish - ooh do I wish - wish that she could read my mind or would just listen when I speak of what I want.

Yesterday all the world was within easy reach and now ... now she is here .... gone are the well known weight of my old partner who knew of all my needs, gone is the gentle humming, gone is the world I knew

A feeling of anger and frustration of loss and inadequacy overtakes me - I want what I used to have, I want my partner back!

I treat her with gentleness and respect, I do things her way .... or at least I try. I drag my fingers slowly from top to bottom, right to left. I use one finger, two ... uuuh even three fingers at a time. She sends me mixed signals, she moves around, jumps or remain absolutely still. What ever I do - she remains calm and with an effortless tranquillity that I so wish I could share.

She holds the keys to the world at large, to the universe of on-line fiction, to my tools of communication and I’m relentless in my effort to get her to share. I’ll tickle her pad, I’ll stroke her keys, I’ll travel the net and I’ll even read a manual if I have to - I will get her to share her magic!

Share ... I will share my thoughts and my reading time at “Fan Fiction Reviews” and “ F/F Fan Fiction Reader’s Corner”, I’ll even share a ramble with you, but I won’t share her. She is hot and she is mine and mine alone! If I could only persuade her to dance at my keystrokes - I would truly love her.

I don’t think that I’ll get lucky tonight so I might just sit back and entertain myself with a little light reading and wonder if I really did the right thing by leaving my partner of 5 years and walk away with some flossy chick with sleek features.

(If you want to know how I ended up in this mess, I’ll leave you a clue - Fletcher DeLancey “Mac vs. PC" - in the future I’ll think twice about taking the advice of a fan fiction writer;-)

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