Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ramble - Soccer, Pictures and ...

From The Big Picture at
Its not like Soccer is a big theme in the world of f/f fan fic so if you want to play ball you are much better off if you pick a basketball or perhaps a softball for you entertainment. 

On the other hand it seems that the Women's World Cup - which just took place in Germany - has produced an amble amount of pic's displaying fit women taking part in ball games so I thought ... why not share a link.

If you want to look in on the fighting in The World Cup you could look up The Big Picture at While you are there you might want to take a look at the pic's from Pride or on a quite different note ... pic's form The World's Most Dangerous Countries for Women ... I'm warning you this last group of pic's is not a pretty sight to see.

While we are on the  subject of pictures you might want to know that Sarah Waters' "The Night Watch" has made it from page to screen, but judging from the review posted at it's not a TV adaptation quite as successful as "Tipping the Velvet" or "Fingersmith".

Further on Sarah Waters .... you can catch a few of her suggestions for your summer reading posted on if you follow this link. I for one will put J. Courtney Sullivan's "Main" on my "to do list" - I really did enjoy her first novel "Commencement" featuring the lives and love of four women grads from Smiths College.

As this ramble started with a picture I think that I ought to leave you with yet another link to pictures you can explore try and don't worry I'm not sending you off to look up dirty pic's. This is Alison Bechdel's website exploring her comic strip "Dykes To Watch Out For" - if you like comics  you can search the free archive for strips.

So why this ramble ? Well I'm really not a soccer fan - never could understand why 2 times 11 women would run around for ONE ball ?? ... Give the girls something to play with !! No I'm not thinking that kind of balls ..... !!! So again why the ramble ? Well actually as an excuse to point you in the direction of "America's Sweetheart" yet again. This fic feature a couple of ex-soccer players - one even an Olympian.

I know you probably just finished the fic as I mentioned in my last ramble ;-) If you did like it you might want to let the author know ? You can find a mail address for Catherine Burk in the comment to the story. I hope that all your appreciative mails might lure CB into finishing and posting a new fic for us !

If Soccer is not your game - you can find a few other sports themed fic's on the Listmania page among others "The Deal" by M. Ryan. This is a real gem even if golf is not your sport. The romance is great and you might even find the added theme on the life of women in Newsbizz catching.

And to leave you with a little something .... you might take Pride in this ... they do seem to have fun! from Athens Pride

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