Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sorry to have kept you waiting!

Our lives are filled with all the things that we find to be essential parts of "A Good Life". We work, we play, we eat and drink, have sex, read, sleep ..... There is no room in our lives for ... waiting! We don't count on being kept waiting, it's not on our schedule and when it happens we get uncomfortable because waiting is an unknown factor, something that we cannot control.

Nevertheless we are kept waiting .... for the man who is coming to install the phone .... he will arrive sometime between 8 am - 4 pm (!), for the new washing machine with an estimated time of delivery 3 - 5 days (!), on the phone queuing to talk to Support about the black screen on the new PC ... "You are now number 5 in line ..... ".

The companies we pay to deliver the consumer goods that we cannot live without has incorporated our waiting in their business plan! But while we wait, we think! Think about all the things that we cannot do while we wait. We might even think about how we can avoid the waiting .... do we need the phone, can another company deliver the washing machine ... today ? Those who count on us for their livelihood might think about the power they give us .... by giving us time to think!

While I wait I think about the things that I don't have to wait for. I think about the friend that I know is always on time for our get-together, the gf who will give a hug whenever its needed ...... an update from the ladies of The Uber Ect.!
I am happy to say that the ladies of the Uber Ect. are not only my most valuable and reliable source of information on the going-ons in the fan fiction Universe. They are also among the very few things in life that don't keep us waiting, I am impressed by their ability to keep up with the regular posting!

If you are not acquainted with the Uber Ect. - you ought to look it up!


  1. Whenever I get a story done, I can always count on Uber Etc to help me get the word out. They have been a great service to both authors and readers! Thanks ladies!!

  2. It is nice to have things and people in our lives that we can count on! And in the Fan Fiction Universe The Uber Ect. or rather Elisa, Tamara and Ze are quite reliable.