Monday, July 12, 2010

Search for Fan Fiction

A couple of weeks ago I blogged on the theme of sports fic’s all based on outdoor sports and I hinted that I might put together a list of fic's on a basketball theme, when the indoor season comes around. A comment from one of you tells me that at least one of you would really like a guide to basketballs fic’s … like now and not when the indoor season comes around.

Well I would like to oblige, but I have this sort of rule to my reviewing that I will read or perhaps reread any of the fic’s that I review - before I blog about them. As some of the basketball fic’s that I know are rather long, I can't really fit a review on basketball fic's into my summer schedule at the moment and just leaving you with a number of links - naahh don't want you to think that I'll recommend just anything. But .... I don’t want to leave anyone hanging - I’ll rather give you a hint on how to help yourself search for fic’s with themes to your liking.

If you are familiar with one of my two favourite fan fiction archives “The Athenaeum” you might have noticed that this site present you with a search facility. If you choose to do an advanced search, you’ll be treated to a number of possible searches, one of these is the possibility to search by “teasers”.

Should you search teasers for the word basketball this is the list of fic’s that you will be presented with.

I hope this will help you get your hands on the sort of fic’s that you enjoy the most.

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