Monday, July 12, 2010

The Wayback Mashine by UK

I don’t know maybe it’s the heat, sunstroke, dehydration or perhaps a combination of said things or else it could be divine inspiration … what ever the reason I’ve been thinking that it’s been too long since I let you all have a peek at my more geekish side.

In a combination with my review of “Mac vs PC” by Feltcher DeLancey I gave you a short run through of how to create you own eBooks and convert the files into the formats that you need for your offline reader.

This time I’ll let you in on how to find what has been lost on the web. It’s really quite simple all you have to do is get hold of the URL (address) of the web-page that you wish to access in an earlier version than the one presently available or perhaps no longer available. Once you have the URL, you go to the homepage of “The Internet Archive” also called “The Wayback Machine” and type in the URL.

The Wayback Machine will present you with a list of all the available archived versions of the site that matches the URL that you have typed. Select any of the dates available and you will be taken back to the archived version of the site. If you are real lucky you’ll even find that the links available on the archived site is still working ;-)

It’s really not as difficult as it might look when described in writing. Do try it out … perhaps you’ll find a long-lost (fan) fiction that you love. Ok - I know it doesn’t work every time, as not every site on the web has been archived, but I’ve found quite a few well-loved – and lost - stories this way.

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