Wednesday, February 23, 2011

V1:A Valentine's Day Odyssey by Ann McMan

"The eagle has landed. Goldilocks headed to big house to catch Mama Bear with fingers in porridge bowl.".. hmm are you thinking; hey they are putting a man on the moon ! Old fairy tale ? or Lesfic ! 

Yep - lesfic it is and if you have learned your basic lesfic lessons well, you will be expecting angst as in a spouse trying to have a little fun "on the side" and the wife trying to catch her in the act, but I would not put my money on that interpretation in the case of Ann McMan. She does not seem to get high on the real angst themes. Her focus is on the dialog and she can craft a whole story around her killer dialog.

What you get in "A Valentine's Day Odyssey" is not a whole story, but a short sequel to McMan's  "Jericho" and you can guess the essence of the storyline by the title. I will leave you to explore it on your own. 

This sequel is not a further exploration of the original storyline of "Jericho", it is more like an extra set of scenes with the original set of characters. So if you are looking for a continuation of "Jericho" this is not it, but read it anyway - if only for the great dialog. As for the storyline it did seem to come to a somewhat abrupt stop like when you are on a deadline and have to cut your work short as time is running out. Maybe Valentines came too soon for McMan this year ? 

Anyway I for one would love to have more fic's from the pen of Ann McMan her writing is witty and catching, and she gives us great vines to drink while we enjoy her storytelling skills  ;-) 

If you have not read "Jericho" yet I would suggest that you do before venturing out on a Valentine date with Maddie and Syd - you can look up my review if you want a little appetizer to the storyline.

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