Saturday, February 26, 2011

Shell Game by Zipplic

How do you define your reading habits ?  By the fandoms you subscribe to, the pairings you prefer, the bards you read, the categories that your favorite stories belong with? Are you into the "classics", do you find SiFi or futuristic stories entertaining, is Greece in Ancient times or France in the Middle Age your thing ? Do you prefer your protagonists to be of color, to be blond or raven haired, feminine or butch, to carry a weapon and handle horses with ease, to wear a  business suit and throw money around ?  

Well maybe you do not define your reading habits! And why should we do that anyway? By defining, categorizing, putting a name to and whatever we do when we label things - or people for that matter - we take a risk. The risk of missing the chance to try something new and - surprise - find that we like it! 

I don't do the classics or SiFi, I prefer uber or original stories in a modern setting with a little drama, some - but not too much angst - and a lot of romance! And if someone will mix in a bit of humor, I am likely to enjoy just about any well written story with a coherent storyline. Lots of f/f on line stories fit this bill - so I am well entertained, but ...... maybe I'm missing out on some enjoyable reads?

The other day I ventured out on a new trail into yet unexplored territory ;-) The world of pirate queens ! I have never done that before - and I might not do it again - but I really enjoyed my little outing with Zipplic and the story "Shell Game". It is about ... a pirate queen (surprise) and a woman who is held captive on her pirate ship, but then again the pirate queen does not really act like a pirate, the captive is the only one who seems to think that she is held captive and the ship ..... well it's more like a small trader than any pirate ship I ever came across. It's not too much of a romance, even if the pirate queen and her volunteer captive do pair up along the way, but it's something else - it's a humours way of viewing a BDSM relationship and the mechanisms of control. 

Read "Shell Game" for the humor and the crispy dialog. It doesn't really matter that we have to put on our sea legs for the ride! 

If you visit the Zipplic's author page at The Athenaeum you can get this story as an eBook download. 

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