Sunday, February 27, 2011

Unveil the Pen

If you want to follow your favourite writer of on line fiction into the Universe of published lesfic you often have to do a bit of research as the pseudonyms the writers use on line are often different from the pen names used when publishing.

Should you need a little help with your research you could look at the list of pseudonyms /  pen names posted under "Unveil the Pen". 


  1. I remembered another one.
    Ellianora - Jennifer Oberlander

  2. Great - I think we have a quite impressive list! Keep them coming ;-)

  3. And one more:
    Simahoyo - Lindë Knighton

    On the bookcover it's "Lindë", but her first name is written different on various sites. has "Linda", & others "Linde".

  4. Forgot this one.
    Wolfdragon - Francine Quesnel

  5. Great detective work - inspired by fanfic's perhaps ? I've added the info to the list.