Wednesday, March 02, 2011

In The Light of Day by Cheyne aka Cheyne Curry

There is more ways than one to come out and Riley chooses a  spectacular one if you consider giving a living and breathing lesbian a lap dance at you cousins bachelorette party coming out. I know that it might just be the tequila speaking, but maybe, just maybe, this is more than just an alcohol induced idea of a little fun? 

At least that what Kya implies to Riley when she wakes up naked in Kya's bed the morning after. "But…I don't even know what to do with a woman…" Riley protests, "So you said last night. I can assure you that you have a creative imagination and you take instruction very well" is Kya's answer.

Now there is no reason to make fun of the process of realising you are gay and coming out, but I don't mind the subject to be treated in a humorous way and that is what Cheyne is doing here. If you can accept the fact that tequila - and one night in the arms of a lesbian super lover - can make a here to unsuspecting straight woman a convinced lesbian, that is.  

"In The Light of Day" is the first in a series of four stories that make up the complete tale of Riley's coming out to herself and her family. Do look up at least the first and the last story if you want a chance to put a little smile on your face. 

You can follow these links to the series "In The Light of Day", "Chance and Choice", "Decision" and "From This Day Forward". 

If you think that bachelorette parties are just the place to test the waters on you sexuality, you might want to check out the "Hen Night", "Wedding Reception", "Honeymoon" and "Devorcee" from the pen of Artemis Callaghan. This is a favourite of mine. 

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