Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Unbreakable by Advocate aka Blayne Cooper

Do you remember the girls you grew up with? Your best friends from High school? Your roommates from College? Gwen, Kathy, Audrey, Nina and Jackie - do remember one another, but not really for all the good times they spend together through their shared childhood, but rather for the way the friendship ended. If it wasn't for Gwen, neither Kathy, Nina, Jackie nor Audrey would have thought to keep their childhood promises of meeting up again at the age of 40.

But Gwen have a powerful reason to gather her former friends around her. She is being blackmailed with a secret that only they know, and an invitation to a weekend at a local B&B for her birthday is the perfect Agatha Christie like setting needed to lure the blackmailer out into the open.

Do you see the black clouds gathering over the B&B? Fell the thunder lurking, expect the interruption of the power and a B&B covered in darkness ..... a fierce lightning breaking the darkened rooms only to reveal a still body laying on the living room carpet ? You might, but if that's what you want why not look up "And then there were non" by Christie it might just give you the old fashioned drama you want. 

"Unbreakable" on the other hand will present you with the story of the lives of the 5 women - past and present. If you are here for the romance try to focus on Jackie and Nina, they have a story of their own to tell, one that follows the classic lines of dealing with the feelings between best friends that might run just a bit deeper than friendship.

This is a multi layered story of childhood, friendship, growing up, breaking apart and getting a second chance. The story weavers back and forth in time between the present days and the past, between the stories of the group of friends and the lives of each of the women. It's a pretty complex and well put together storyline, even if the drama does not really ring true. If you are here for the mushy romance kind of fic please note that the romance is not really as central to the storyline in "Unbreakable" as in you standard variety romance, but it is kind of sweet non the less.

If you haven't read any of Advocate's work before then don't hesitate to try this one out, it is really well written and with a humorous twist now and again. Should you like humour and this pen then do look up "The Story of Me" it's quite fun.

The story has been published by Spinster Ink and it is available as a Kindle ebook.

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