Sunday, July 31, 2011

Life's Little Edge by Roselle Graskey

A coin has two sides - Heads and Tails - and so has Callan O'Malley. One is O'Malley the ex-soldier harden by battle and the responsibility of keeping her men alive. Now she is living life on the edge, running illegal guns to Spyder the leader of the local biker gang. The other one is Callan a woman devastated by the tragic loss of her partner Ellen in a car crash, which might not have been purely accidental.

O'Malley is the one who wins Terry in a bet of "One Punch" against her boyfriend Trey and given the "ethics" in the world of bikers, O'Malley has to keep what's her's! Which put's her on the spot with Trey, who really don't like to lose his bread winner.

Terry on the other hand seems to be a rather meek woman who really don't mind to change hands as she is getting tired of Trey's hard handling and the fact that he spends her wages on poker. On the other hand she is not quit sure what O'Malley wants from her except perhaps a bedmate....

While O'Malley is the one winning the prize, Callan is the woman to take Terry in and keep her safe at night when nightmares ruins her sleep, and eventhough O'Malley is the one to do the dealing with Spyder and throw the punches when needed - and sometimes they are needed very badly - it's still Callan, who gets into bed with Terry at night.

"Life's Little Edge" is a tightly woven drama where you have to question what is true and what is double crossing make believe - so I think I'll leave you with this teaser on the storyline. It is a great story - one of the best if you want a good mix of drama and romance. The tightly woven drama keeps you on edge and the well developed romance sweetens the deal considerably. 

As often the case with on line stories you will find several little mistakes in the writing that might give you reason to read a sentence twice, but it doesn't kill the joy of reading. I guess that the mistakes have been ironed out in the printed version published by P.D.Publishing.

If you are hard pressed for time this week then let this be the one story you choose to read, I don't think that you will regret it.

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