Sunday, August 14, 2011

Gun Shy by Lori L. Lake

I sometimes wonder how we come to choose our profession and the jobs we spend a good part of our lives working. I know that not everyone gets a choice, sometimes work is a matter of taking what's on offer, but during the span of a lifetime, I think that most of us makes choices that affect our professional lives.

Is it a flashy uniform, a specific professional challenge, a family tradition or a quest for something that influence our choice of profession or job ? Is it perhaps sometimes something closer to our hearts - sympathy, adoration, infatuation .... love? Well I guess that it probably takes a mushy lesfic to make love part of the equation, but hey I could be wrong?

Anyway for Jaylynn Savage the impressive blue clad image of police officer Dez Reilley charging in to stop two attackers from hurting her and her friend Sara does make an impression strong enough to pull Jaylynn off her chosen track towards law school and into the Police academy.

So here we go - Jaylynn makes the transition from college student to police cadet and rookie riding with .... Dez as her Field Training Officer - now how lucky can one woman get in just a few months ? Well not that lucky! Dez is not someone to make friends and certainly not of fellow female officers! Even the outgoing, fun, beautiful blond Jaylynn find it hard to compete with the ghosts from Dez's past, but even if Dez is standoffish she does have friends who will work to encourage Jaylynn to keep up her attacks on Dez's amour.

Even though we do get a taste of the everyday routines of patrolling the city streets this is primarily the story of the developing relationship between Jaylynn and Dez .... so I guess that this is mostly a story for the mushy romantics among lesfic readers, but it's well written and with enough of a supporting cast of characters to give the storyline some fill and to develop the characters of Dez and Jaylynn beyond the basics.

The turning point of the romance is a body building competition that Dez takes part in - so if weight routines in the gym, dieting and muscular women is your thing - maybe you want to look up the story even if the mushy romance is not what you like the best!

"Gun Shy" has been published as have the sequels, "Under the Gun" and "Have Gun We'll Travel". Only "Gun Shy" and "Under the Gun" is available online.

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