Sunday, December 11, 2011

The December post (again)... for Nada ;-)

Its Christmas time... well almost, just another week to go!

Some know exactly what they want for Christmas and Vanessa is one, she has known for 5 years  that the beautiful red haired woman who comes to buy her Christmas tree at Vanessa's lot each year is the one she wants .... and not just for Christmas! 

If you didn't catch "The Christmas Tree" by JM Dragon when I mentioned it last year - do take your time now - here is no need to be afraid - I promise you there will be tears of joy at the end of this tale!

Should you be looking for Ms. Santa or just a f/f fic with a Christmas theme then move on to the  Listmania page. I've posted a couple of new fic's this year - look for "Ms. Santa is coming to town".

So now we can move on to what I want for Christmas!  Well that might not really be of interest to you so I guess I better ramble on a bit.

You might have noticed that I'm not getting much reading done at the moment ... I could blame it on work and it would be a valid excuse at the moment, but then again I do have time off now and again... I think ?! I could blame it on the bard's ... no new original / uber stories, but if you follow the ladies at "Uber ect." you will know that is not the case.

So did I lose interest .... well maybe a little ...., but mostly I've lost my best tool for finding the mushy romantic fic's worth my reading time! The Athenaeum - my favorite hunting ground - is no longer regularly updated and the activities on the Forum at the site is slowly ebbing out. This is really sad as The Athenaeum has a long history as an archive for fan fiction and original f/f fic's. Currently Athenaeum lists 6804 works from 1547 authors, with 625 of those works available in eBook format!

I might ask Ms. Santa to bring back a bit of activity on The Athenaeum this Christmas, but I can't really see how she will fit that into my Christmas stocking? Anyway if you can recommend new hunting ground for me please let me know, it would be highly appreciated!


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You're a sweetie and I appreciate the repost.

  2. Re: Athenaeum

    I agree that seeing the Athenaeum basically shut down is very sad. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that it will be resurrected as it is such a wonderful repository of writing and I really appreciated the reviews etc...

    Anyway great blog and keep up the good work.