Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas

One the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me .... no I am not going to tell you what she gave me for Christmas this year, but I am going to take you on a ramble along the lines of "The Twelve Days of Christmas" so tag along if you want something to help pass time.

On this the First Day of Christmas I've got a kiss for you - and it is not just any kiss but a first "First Kiss" by a same-sex couple in he US Navy according to AP; "Navy officials said it was the first time on record that a same-sex couple was chosen to kiss first upon a ship's return. Sailors and their loved ones bought $1 raffle tickets for the opportunity."

Video coverage on YouTube
Let's hope that DADT is gone for good!

If you like your woman in uniform you can look up the post "Gone for Soldiers Every One" or look for "Women in uniform" at the Listmania page.

For our Second Day of Christmas I've got a blog for you.

However much we want equality on the job and in our family life there are still some things that we cannot changes ... biology is one. There are many ways to form a family but as a lesbian couple there is one route to family life that we just cannot follow - we cannot conceive a child with our chosen partner, but who knows what the future brings ;-)

I found the blog "Offbeat Mama" awhile back and I've been hanging on to the link for you - so if parenting is your thing you could look it up.

If you like a child or two to pop up in the storyline of your online reading material you can look up the post "When Children are part of the Equation" or find a list of relevant fic's at the Listmania page.

For our Third Day of Christmas I got us something that lasts all year long..... a Calendar! Take your pick "Career Girls, Grease Monkeys, Homemakers...." a girl for every month of the year  .... would you prefer just ONE ? Then I suggest that you pick a warm live-in model that you can snuggle with at night, but until you get your hands on one of those ... well it won't hurt to have someone nice to look at ...?

You could spend the Fourth Day of Christmas getting ready for the dating scene - if your are single that is ! First I guess it is prudent to get the hang of how to distinguish between a "Friend Date" and "a Date ... Date" - "The Effing Dykes" will help you with that - go see how you do on the date test.

When you got that one sorted you can move to the next step - take your woman dancing or perhaps your are ready to go for .... second base? Don't tell me you will be aiming for a Home Run already ?! The Effing Dykes will help you with the base thing too even if it's the first time you play the game.

If you want to know who makes the wheels turn at "The Effing Dykes" then try this link for a short feature on Krista Burton.

On the Fifth Day of Christmas we could look up Jill Sobule while she sings "I Kissed a Girl", but I am afraid that this is a bleak looking video from 1995. A smoother version of the song is included in the soundtrack to the movie "I Can't Think Straight". I have not found this version on YouTube, but you can read the lyrics for free.

If you want to follow the life of Shamim Sharif and Hanan Kattan - the director and the producer of the movie then look up their blog - it's fun.

As this is old news I will throw in a link for the "Lesbian Cliche Song".... again - do not miss it! All the cliches of lesbian life that you can dream of - delivered in a catching tone.

For our Sixth Day of Christmas I have a few movie links for you. OK you probably  prefer to have your lesfics "in writing", but why not try something new?

I know that YouTube is not the best way to watch a movie, but if you are willing to take your time and disregard the Danish subtitles you can watch a Hallmark production with a lesbian theme online. "An Unexpected Love" features Wendy Crewson and Leslie Hope - an out real estate agent who falls in love with her receptionist a former wife and homemaker - who knows if the woman is willing to  jump the fence and start a new life? (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6)

On the Seventh Day of Christmas you can either follow the link to a very long list of "The Greatest Lesbian Movies" on IMDb or look up my favorites at the page "Beyond the Corner".

Should you want to look back on my blog "Picture this - the f/f theme in movies" you can follow this link.

If you are in the US you can also take in some of the short films with a lesbian theme on LOGOTV. I think that "Girl Talk" is a sweet little thing if you want it mushy. Should a YA web-series with lesbian teens be your thing then you might want to look up "Anyone But Me" -  I have not watched the show, but it seems to be of high quality for a web-series. And for the adult crowed I have "The Ten Rules - a lesbian survival guide" - it's a 30 min. short film.

This I think sums up our Seventh Day of Christmas.....

So what do you want to do on the Eighth Day of Christmas ? How about "Coming out" .... again, did you think coming out was an one shot thing ? Telling your mom and dad, a few close friends and that is it? No no you wont be so lucky, there is still the greengrocer, the doctor, the census man and numerous of other people to come out to  .... look up Sarah Westwoods short blogpost.

And if you are famous enough you even get to come out to the press and have the "news" passed around online.  

On the Ninth Day of Christmas you might want to check out the stories posted as part of the latest writing contest on The Royal Academy of Bards and vote for your favorite. I am trying to  figure out which bard has penned the individual stories - some of the "old hands" has a quite distinctive pen. The names will be revealed with the results of the contest.  (The voting ends on the 31st of December so you might want to look up the contest page before the Ninth Day of Christmas!).

For you on enjoyment on the Tenth Day of Christmas I've found a new bard for you - well she is not new new, just new to me ;-) I happened to stop by Gvnett's Blog the other day and enjoyed one of her original romance stories "Two Daises" - it's not really mushy, but it has a nice twist to the storyline.

It seems that Gvnett's line of writing is mostly in the SiFi genre - if that is your thing you might look up either her fan fiction or her other original fics.

It is getting hard and harder to come up with the little some-things for your Christmas days but on the Eleventh Day of Christmas I will urge you to explore "My Words!" It is well worth your time - how about finding the answer to  "What does love mean?" or "Who knows what real love is? It is not as mushy as it sounds but it's good writing on the lesbian theme.

Should you want to explore the many different parts of lesbian life and love you could also visit with "Card Carrying Lesbian".

And finally we have reached the Twelfth Day of Christmas. This post is coming to an end and I want to leave you with the blog "Good Lesbian Books" and a post on Free Lesbian Stories and Books Online - you will find several stories to read and sites to explore in this post. 

If you explore the blog "Good Lesbian Books" you will also find a number of reviews of published lesfic, should you want further guidance on which published lesfic's to spend your money on, you could look up "C-Spot Reviews". 

And now I will end this ramble on a mushy note and wish you well !

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