Friday, January 06, 2012

... and the winner is....

This time a round I picked a winner .... and no I am not talking about picking out the right number in the lottery  ... that would have been nice though ! But I did vote for the story "Nevermore" as winner of the 26. Bard Challenge at The Academy of Bards and it seems that several fanfiction readers agreed with me on the merits of this little tale of impossible love come true.

If you joined me in trying to guess the pen of each of the stories you might have picked Ann McMan was the writer of the winning tale ...  like I did. She has a very distinctive pen ... I for one is a fan! But I am sorry to say that I got all the rest of the names of writers wrong.

And while we are on the subject of Ms. McMan I will leave you with a link to her website. At the site she has posted an essay that I have not found at other sites.

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