Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentines Day is coming up!

Marilyn Monroe (The Guardian)
... ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.

Do not worry I am not turning this into a political commentary it is just that I've been watching a TV-series on the Kennedys these last few weeks and not only does it paint a rather unflattering picture of J.F., but a famous blond - and in uber-xena fan fiction we do tend to like the small feisty blond girl - Marilyn gets the same treatment.  

I have no idea if the storyline in the TV-series is close to the truth or not, but .... well I just felt like posting Marilyn. 

Now what else do I feel like ... hm can't really think of anything right this moment ... ok wait I will just take a breath and think for a moment ... ups ... what the f... BREAKING NEWS from the Bookish Butch ....... Whitney Houston died. 

You know I like mushy romance but that story of Whitney and Bobby Brown ... ? Well that didn't strike me as the romantic couple, on the other hand if she had run off with her bodyguard I might have found the story slightly interesting, at least I would have listened to the theme song ..."I Will Always Love You" ... again !

While we are on the topic of marriage should you be in Scotland or there about you could join in a Rally for "Same-Sex Marriage" on Valentines Day ... but do check-in with your lovely lady before you decide to stand her up for you Valentines Day Date! 

Thinking of the up coming Valentines Day I've been checking up on The Academy of Bards for an indication that we will have another Academy Special ... no indication at hand but well it's not the 14th of February yet, so maybe I just have to wait patiently ... 

In the meantime one could revisit with "old friends" - if you want it steamy and hot as in BDSM go for Kim Pritekel's "Safe Word", if you just want to be hit "Right Between the Eyes" with some loving try Fingersmith's Valentines Story from 2007. Should you prefer a girl with a Porch then maybe KG MacGregor's "Community Service" would suit you, and for a humours bit of loving try Creme Brulee's "An Inevitable Arrangement".

If you want a slightly longer story you could try Ali Vali's "remake" of the movie "Indecent Proposal" with Demi More and Robert Redford. In the f/f world of fan fiction it is titled "A Million Reasons", but its still the same question "Will it matter to your relationship if you ask your lover to sleep with someone else for a huge amount of money?".

Another longer romance posted at The Academy as part of a Valentines Special is Gerri Hill's "Artist's Dream" this time we are talking repressed sexuality set free by just the right kind of tender loving care.

Now after reading all the romantic stories all we have to do is wait for the Valentines Card, plan for the date of the year, buy the gift ... and no I'm not talking chocolates ..  you can do better this year ... ok with the financial crises looming maybe we should look for a cheaper way of showing what is in our hearts ???

Happy Valentines Day!

You can find The Academy's 2012 Valentines Day Invitational here!

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