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Cephalgia aka Val Brown and MJ aka MJ Walker

"Cephalgia" .... a nice little something to mush on in your favourite chair on a Sunday,  a headache, a writer .... perhaps a little of all three ? In the world of F/F Fan Fiction the pen name Cephalgia and the duo of Cephalgia and MJ promises a romantic read. If you tag along I will introduce you.

Lets start with Cephalgia on her own - you will find several little reads by Cephalgia's pen to pass some time and if you want to do so with a smile you could try "The Trouble with Ancients". This is about Alli who happens to take a much needed vacation by way of Great North Tours' bus trip "A Fabulous Singles Excursion to San Francisco" ... only she did not realize that those Singles was seniors as in old ladies ... well that is except for the driver Ty!

While we are on the subject of vacation you could look up Cephalgia's PWP series about Holly, as in 28 year old brunette on the trip of her dreams to ... London, and Gina, as in raven haired beauty and London Innkeeper. You can tag along as the girls get intimately acquainted in "The British Invasion" and work on feeding the flames ignited in "Body English". If you choose to continue you can see if they work out their differences in "Her Majesty's Pleasure" and how they tackle a visit from the up and coming Mother-in-law. 

However pleasurable this vacation in London might turn out for Holly I still think that it's lacking as far as the mushy romance goes, as you might have guessed I am inclined towards a bit of romantic reason for jumping between the sheets ... even if its a raven haired beauty beckoning.

If you want your PWP with a bit of romance you could mix Cephalgia with MJ and join them when they tell you the story about Wilder and her long time friend Darcy who decides to take an almost scientific approach to establishing whether sex with a woman is more pleasurable than with a man.

OK this might not sound like at teaser for a romantic PWP, but if you throw in a bit of "in love with her best friend" and "never going to tell her" then you might see where this is leading. So try on  "Unlimited Sexual Favours" for size and if you like it follow up with "More Unlimited Sexual Favours" and "The Return of Unlimited Sexual Favours". This is a sure way to put a smile on your face while you watch girls turn from friends to lovers.

Should you want a storyline with less emphasis on the activities between the sheets, you could look up “The Heart of the Matter” by Cephalgia. This is a story centred around Davey, a little boy with a heart disorder, and his mother Crystal, who lives her life wondering just when their visits to the hospital is the fatal one for Davey. Into this little family enters Lauren an ICU nurse who makes Crystal and her son the subject of her master thesis and in the process gains a family. It's a sweet and well written story of romance between the lesbian nurse and her new found - perhaps not so - straight friend.

I know that was a little close to RL .... well perhaps not the romantic part, but the worrying about life and death of loved ones. So maybe we should lift the spirits a bit ... how about a visit to the beach, how about getting acquainted with a lovely blond, how about graphing a new business opportunity when it presents it self and how about turning your life around to catch up with love. Meet Toni who is lounging in her beach chair until she catches a hat, and meet Rae, who is working hard to set up a juice bar. The girls will take you through "The Dregs of Summer", and setting up shop on the beach during "Endless Summer". It is all just a bit of fun, but we wanted to lighten up the spirits a bit didn't we - well at least I did.

Now are you ready for RL again ? If so join me online for a chat session on the benefits of garlic chest rubs at Brightwoood Pharmaceutical's website. Manning the website is Randa a US nurse working from home while she awaits the fairy tale romance of true love. Now I promised RL so be warned this is not just romance and a bumpy road to LHEA, it's also an account of living with a close relative with deteriorating health due to sclerosis.

Through the Brightwoood website Randa meets Denise an acclaimed English poet in need of advise on how to help her aunt Sara who has just been diagnosed with sclerosis. What begins as a professional online relationship slowly turn to friendship and sharing in the care of Sara. I will leave you guess where this will lead the women! Connecting Hearts is co-written by Cephalgia and MJ and so is the sequel Family Connections, a story I haven't had time to read.

Now I guess I should leave you to your reading - if you just have time for on or two stories in your busy social calendar I suggest that you pick "The Heart of the Matter" for the well written storyline and "Unlimited Sexual Favours" for the humour and romance.
Several of Val Brown and MJ Walkers stories has been published by Blue Feather Books.  

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