Sunday, September 23, 2012

If you are looking for a good carpenter or perhaps a woman with a toolbelt

Sometimes you might be the one to "Hit the Nail on the Head" but you could also be one to need someone else to do the hitting for you. I'm not talking violence here - I'm a real peaceful soul. The only creatures who should rightfully fear me are spiders. I'll nail them every time square in the ....  well it seems that I nail them sort of all over ... all I get to see as a result is  one big smudge ?

Now back to business - nails, hitting and the woman to do so .... a carpenter or at least a women who wears a tool belt well would be good!

In the real world it can be darn hard to find a good carpenter - male or female - come to think of it I've never actually meet a professional female carpenter .... - but in the realm of f/f fiction it's not quite as difficult.

If you are so inclined you can look up these fic's:

If you are willing to spend a little money on research of the subject:
  • The Cat Rising Series by Cynn Chadwick
  • "One Promise"  by Lynne Norris
  • "Collision Course" by C.P. Rowlands
  • "Love in the Balance" by Marianne K. Martin (An all time favourite of mine ;-)
  • "Butch Girls Can Fix Anything" by Paula Offutt
  • "Winds of Fortune" (Provincetown Tales 5) by Radclyffe
  • "Sea Legs" by KG MacGregor
  • "Room For Love" Frankie J Jones
  • "Designed for Love" by Erin Dutton
(I would like to credit Charlie and the rest of the C-Spot Forum for the list of published fic's as this is where I found the stories listed - I've only read a few of them myself)


  1. We haven't actually met in person but I am a carpenter by trade ;)

    1. Yes - I do remember your "trade" from our earlier "talks" - sorry about that!

  2. Charlie is a wealth of fic knowledge! I think we'll be discussing some of these on the forum in October. All are welcome to join in!