Sunday, September 23, 2012

What to do with Your addiction to f/f fan fiction

Now that The Athenaeum is back in business You have amble opportunity to get your hands on new online fic's with female characters with a special eye for other women.

If reading about it ain't doing it for you then you might .... no no I'm not going to suggest that you takes this special interest of yours in to the realm of reality ... I's really not up to me to suggest how you live your life ;-) - I was just going to say; then perhaps you would like to share your thoughts on the subject of f/f fan fiction ?

If that is the case then you could visit with Lori and her merry group of friends in the Yahoo Group Fan Fiction Reviews - You have to register to join the group. If the linear type of conversation in the group is to chaotic for you then join The Fan Fiction Reviews Forum - it's the same type of conversation just another format. These are really not selective forums, but the Xenaverse is more or less the common ground shared by the members.

You could also look up the C-Spot Forums hosted by Cheri of Cocktail Hour and C-Spot Reviews - all of these websides cater to the special interest of  women who loves to read published and online f/f fiction. 

So what else is there to say .... well I for one would suggest that you delurk and join the conversations !


  1. Hey UK! Thanks for the mentions. It has been great to see so much participation on the Fan Fiction Reviews groups. I've been following the conversations with email updates due to lack of time to actually participate much. But it is just wonderful to see so many people chatting about the stories - online and published - as well as so many other topics of interest.