Sunday, September 09, 2012

”Puppy Love" by Fingersmith

I don't really have anything to say ... so why bother ... well I just wonder if you have noticed that The Athenaeum is back in business ? Yes ! The first news and updates in almost One Year from the Xenafiction ladies .... If you need new stuff to read or a pointer for an older fic that you might have missed then look up the The Athenaeum "What's New".

I for one have missed the Xenafiction ladies and I admit to have lost touch with the world of f/f fanfiction while they have been off line. Will I get back to business now that there is new stuff to read ? I don't know ... I do however know that Fingersmith has penned a new fic "Puppy Love" and even if it's a bit rough around the edges I do know that I enjoyed the shortish rump with Ellie, Emily and Charley .... no we are not talking a threesome but two ladies compeeting for the love of a dog and perhaps something more.  

Go get the leash and walk the dog ... or just pick up "Puppy Love".     

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