Sunday, October 14, 2012

If You Can Carry a Tune

If you can carry a tune you might be one to sing those awfully sad songs of love lost ... at least on a rainy day? Or like Erin with her "Haunted Past" (**) you might just hear the echo of a sad tune while you nurse a drink meant to sooth the heartache .... but I guess you know that a drink will not get Erin anywhere but closer to the memory of the terrible day when Gillian left her. Knowing Larisa we won't have to watch Erin waste away though, but we may have to watch the ladies dance around a bit before they kiss and make up.

Now grab a coffee while I find something with a good tune for you to read ..... how about Kim Pritekel's "Twilight"(**). In this story there is music to be found, as in the popular singer and songwriter Christine who is badly in need of a helping hand to get her act back together and find a little happiness ... and she might just find what she needs in Willow a nurse, wife and soon to be expecting mother ... yes you might say that Kim Pritekel has her work cut out for her if she wants the ladies to be more than friends. If you choose to sing along with Christine and Willow then settle in for a long read - it's a catching one with hurt and comfort, drama and romance and a well defined cast of characters. I would say that "Twilight" is among Pritekel's most well tuned stories.

Sometimes the tunes you play will get you fame and a truckload of money but most often it might not even put bread on the table or a roof over your head. Take Sam for instance she lives her life in her car going where the next job is most likely to be found. One day Sam finds herself stranded in the small town of "Piperton" (**) and her ability to play the piano and sing a tune the shortest way to a bit of cash. Even if her tunes ain't getting her a world of fame, Sam's soft songs of lost love is what gets her a new chance in life .... the attention of Janie. I'll leave you to explore the route that Sam and Janie travel on your own.

When we leave Piperton I suggest we explore one of the less talked about F/F fiction sites "Sapphic Voices" lets do so by listening in on Storm and her Stormtroopers soon to be Stormclouds in F.J.Davey's "Images"(**). This is music meeting the world of business and an unnourished heart finding love in a new and unexpected place. It's also a chance for you to explore the overseas .... well I guess that really is a question of where you have set up home ... but to me Australia and Zimbabwe is definitely out of everyday reach. So if you are willing to take a chance with the popular tunes of the Sixties, Eighties and even Nineties then follow along and see how the fierce temper and hot looks of lead singer Storm sparks when met with Kathryn's smooth businesslike manners and cool distance. The question is if there will ever be more than just sparks flying .... and I might warn you it's not just you and me looking in on Storm and Kathryn we got another a pair of eyes, a pair of too interested eyes, following the moves. So watch out !

I'm going to leave you to the music of your own choice but on my way out I'll set up a list of stories sporting protagonists who have a connection to the music scene. The stories might not quite match the above mentioned in quality but you might still find something that matches the rhythm of your heart:
If you have stories you want to add to the list please let me know!

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