Friday, October 12, 2012

.... just looking!

I don't know about You but sometimes I just spend my time looking. Looking for something interesting to look at. Looking for directions. Looking for a thrill. Looking for a new challenge. Looking for a way out.  Looking for a change of scenery. Looking for the car keys ... again. Looking for something to read. Looking for a good time or perhaps, I'm just looking to look for something not knowing exactly what I'm looking for?!

What are you looking for ? Why are You coming around ? I haven't really been actively working on this blog for quite some time, and You are still coming around ? Well it is really non of my business why you pop in so I guess that I should just get on ...

At the moment I'm looking for BadSquirrel. She posted on The Athenaeum Forum back in 2010 that she was preparing to publish her latest story with Blue Feather Books under the name of Lauren T. Darling, but I haven't been able to find neither a published book by this author nor any newish stories online by BadSquirrel. I would love to hear news about this writer as I'm a real fan of her writing - so please anyone ?? ... any news???

If you are new to Badsquirrels writing I'll let you have my very secret Top 3 list of BadSquirrel stories:

1. Rumors
3. Shine

For those with a taste for a very spicy (BSDM) read I'll include a link for The Dark Side of The Moon.

When I'm not looking for BadSquirrel. I'm looking for something else or perhaps just enjoying a good read. A good read can be like a good hug - warm and comforting. Sometimes a hug is the prelude to something more and sometimes a hug is just that .... a hug. The simple message of I'm here for you or we are in this together... and we will get through.

So where to go for that mental hug of comfort that a good read can provide.... shhh I'm thinking.... haven't really thought to prepare a list of stories that fits within a theme on hugs. Let's see where to go for a hug. How about looking in on a couple of "friends" ? You know the kind who are best mates and never looking for more than a hug of comfort from each other - well that is until .... maybe "Strings Attached" by Inyx, Out of the Mouth of Babes by LittleSpit, Frost Heaves by Lois Kay or perhaps Everything Personal by Jaeygatsby will fit this theme?

... I always wondered why no other stories have been posted by Jaeygatsby ... is it that this is the pen name of an author writing under another name ?? or is this really a one off story ?? on the other hand I might just not be looking in the right places ?


  1. Hello,

    I was wondering if you know who took to photo of the two young women hugging. It's an amazing and powerful piece that touches me deeply, and I was hoping to contact the photographer directly.

    Thanks so much. Love the blog.

    Pygmy Coho

  2. The photographer is Erika Svensson.
    You can find the pic at
    Erika Svensson/Corbis

    More of her work on her website
    Erika Svensson