Sunday, October 28, 2012

I'm having Withdrawal Trouble Tonight

I've been spending the weekend with old friends.  A couple I've known for some time but haven't visited with recently even though they live within easy travel distance. 

When we first met they where not a couple, they were  professor and ph.d. student, professionals relying on each other for work related assistance and guidance.

A bit of time, a lot of patience and quite a number of misunderstandings later they got their act together and caught up with the underlying attraction that they both felt for each other. Their love story are one of those which remains clear in my memory even years later not least for the fact that it took place in Leipzig, Germany which is not you everyday LesFic setting.

Like Lori and Rio I might ask "Do You Know Your Uber" and let you make a guess as to which story I'm referring to, but I'm not going to let you wait for the link to one of the most well written and longest online LesFics I know, I'll let you have the link to "Campus" by Anik LaChev right away.

Campus is not only the story of Elaine and Johanna - professor and ph.d. student, out lesbian and "recovering" lesbian deep in the closet with all the angst of "She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not", it is also the story of campus politics, and of living in a world where you can't be sure from one year to the next if you will be out of a job and forced to travel to new places to pursue you academic career, just because another department made a move for you funding.

What I really find intriguing about Campus though is Anik LaChevs ability to juggle two simultaneous romantic storylines and a large gallery of supporting characters, but most of all I'm in awe of her ability to get the storyline across to the reader. Campus is a really mushy romance - the way I like them best. 

If you take your romance long and angsty then you might also like the medical romance/drama "Jungle Fever". You can find my review if you look under the tag for Anik LaChev. I think that I might look in on Maca and Esther as a way of getting over the fact that I finished "Campus" tonight. On the other hand maybe I should just sweat it out - I surly won't have time to travel the distance with these ladies tonight and Monday is looming ahead ....

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