Thursday, November 01, 2012

It Started With a Kiss ....

Well it did start with a Kiss ... The Hot Chocolates song that is ... aaahhh no you wouldn't be thinking that I was referring to ... no no ... that simply won't do ... according to my version of The Lesbian Rule Book there is No Lusting after Your Brothers Girlfriend, Your Neighbours Wife and certainly no "funny" stuff on or before the first date!

On the other hand what would Larisa be without a daredevil like Striker. Well it's not really Striker who gets the brilliant idea to kiss the first person she stumbles upon in the bowling alley, but she is the one to put a lip lock on Chase ... her fathers "Tall, Dark and Extremely Hot" new employee ... and puke all over her shoes even before they have been introduced! I guess no one bothered to let Striker have a copy of that very important Rule Book ... but then again Striker is straight, so why should she be reading that particular book?

I know I'm rambling, but the lyrics to the Hot Chocolates song "It Started With a Kiss....." just kept popping up in my head, so I thought that I should put it down somewhere, and I guess this place is as good as any - so bear with me or hop along as I ramble on.

Now let me introduce you to the girls .... Striker, the "Kissing Bandit" ... well you've already meet her, she just turned 21 and "The Kiss" was the daring end to her birthday party, and Chase ... the woman with the strikingly blue eyes... well it's anybody's guess who she really is. 

So now for the BIG question does a Kiss make you gay ? Well we could look that up in the Lesbian Rule Book .... but who cares about rules and regulations when love is concerned ... I for one think that in "Love and War" everything is fair as long as love always wins! 

With "Striker" what you get is the standard Larisa fair with a couple of likeable main characters and two crazy hangarounds who makes things as odd as Lari-usual, but you probably have to be a Larisa fan to like it ... and I'm one of those fans !

Today I met someone who new about the Lesbian Rule Book ! Well she is under the impression that it's really just a Handbook, but I guess it's not all that important what you call the book as long as you know about the rules of Lesbianship, and I'll say that Amanda is a real pro at least when it comes to the business of toasters. If you want to meet Amanda then make a short stop with Kelly Q.'s "Toasted", it is a short story in her book "Cupid Pulls a Prank and Other Lesbian Tales" it's free on Smashwords.

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