Thursday, November 08, 2012

Reunion Week

At the Fan Fiction Reviews Lori and Rio gives You a list of themed fic's every week! As You might know I'm quite fond of this particular way of listing what to read, and You might be too if I judge by the number of hits on "Listmania".

This week Lori has chosen the theme "Reunion" which I haven't explored before so here we go... (I'm not trying to steel Lori's idea we sort of corporated on this theme - Lori supplied the theme idea, I gave her my list of Reunion fic's.)

I never went away to camp. Judging by my reading of Fan Fiction - which should probably not guide my view of the world ... it is after all fiction - I take it that sending your kids off to Summer Camp is a real American way of life. I guess that this for some can be a blessing and give you good memories and perhaps friends for life? I'm not real fond of Kim Baldwin's writing, but if you want to go on camp and come away with something that might last a lifetime maybe you should look up "The Camp Reunion". If you do you'll meet up with  Kerry as she revisit the site of her old "Summer Camp" for one last time to meet up with friends from her childhood and maybe, just maybe she will have the chance to do something about her life long crush on Mac.

If you didn't do Summer Camp when you where young, you must at least have done the high school thing. If that experience is worth revisiting to meet up with old friends then you can get your hands dirty with Mavis Applewaters "Truth Or Dare" and the sequel "Blissful Surrender". If you where closer to your college friends maybe you would rather play the game "Truth or dare" with Meghan O'Brien, no matter which reunion you choose a PWP is all you'll get.

Should you want to get a bit more storyline and a little less of the ”hot and steamy" action you should go for Fingersmith's "Beginnings". This is the story of Lou and Ashley, a story spanning 30 years from almost toddlers to mature women, a love that never dies - you can find the review here.

You could also let your mother or perhaps this time Tessas mother do the nessecary pushing and pulling to get the reunion under way. You know mothers and I promise that Tessas's is no different from the ones you know. Mothers are conniving, persistent and they use guilt to pressure you into doing the things you don't want to do, but they think that you ought to do, because it's "gooood for you". And who can really put up an argument against giving your best friend a lift home for the Holidays. You might think that you have a valid point if your "best friend" is no longer your "best friend" but your "ex-girlfriend", but don't hold your breath it is after all your mother that you are talking to..... so I take it you are going to give Lindsey a ride? This is Mavis Applewater "Home For The Holidays" and the first story in a longer series. I found "Home for the Holidays" and "I'll be home for Christmas" quite enjoyable and above the level of PWP.

Now the best is yet to come - I'll leave the reunion theme with "Unbreakable" by Blayne Cooper (Advocate). It's quite a while since I read this story but it stayed with me for the quality of writing and the storyline with drama and romance in a well woven tail. This is the story of 5 women who was close from childhood and onwards, but lost touch and of how they reunite and come to terms with the things that broke them apart.

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