Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Words Make a Difference!

Words are an important way to convey the way we see the world and how the world see us. Words can touch your heart, Words can give meaning to incoherent events, Words can change your view or make you see, Words can make you remember, and if - like me - you think while you talk ... Words can help you make up your mind!

Words Make a Difference! 

Sometimes words are loving, heartfelt and sincere, and today I learned that a little three letter word which I thought to be a gay way to express a sexual preference is actually homophobic ! The word in question is GAY?! 

My surprise is probably just a matter of English not being my first language, and the US not my place of living, but still that the word GAY in the comment "that’s so gay" means "that’s so stupid" and not that so merry, funny ....  is definitely a surprise to me! 

That should teach me to take care and not just ramble on.... who knows what I'm likely to put into words unknowingly.

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