Saturday, December 01, 2012

Be the Change You Wish to See In This World...

Christmas Time is a time for wishful thinking. A time when you can imagine World Peace and Love Ever After or for those of us with a more everyday like imagination perhaps just .... a relaxed smile on the face of our stressed out loved one.

It is easy to wish for BIG things to happen, but making a difference in the everyday life of those around us is much easier to achieve.

On the other hand one must never forget that all CHANGE start within ourself. Even the BIG changes starts on a small scale ... perhaps with just one Woman fearless enough to .... I don't know, but it is nice to know that everyone of us can make a difference not only to our own lives and to the lives of those near us but also ... perhaps in a small way ... to the World at large.

Sometimes a little thing will get the ball rolling towards changes.... like a personal ad in a newspaper reading "Short blond seeks tall brunette. Blue Eyes preferred. Sexy Look a plus."  I don't know ... did you put it there .... the ad. I mean did you take out the ad .... or did it just catch your eye enough to make you mark it with a red ink ring and leave the paper on the table? Whoever did it gets the ball rolling towards change for Kelly and Allison, best friends, room mates and both secure in the knowledge that they can never be more as in more than best friends. Don't miss out on Jaeygatsby's "Everything Personal" ... it's an old favourite of mine with a bit of IMY on account of the flower theme.


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  2. My apologies, my name is Paulette Mahurin and I'm the author of, The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap. I just posted a request for you to have a look at my book and see I didn't include my name. Again, my apologies. Paulette

  3. Just wanna say, I love your blog, and Happy Holidays!

  4. .... and Happy Holidays to you too!