Sunday, January 27, 2013

Just browsing the WWW

If you want to know where to go for a good read ... then go hang out in the Fan Fiction Lounge ! The woman at the Lounge have lots of fiction related topics to explore. If you chose to stay with me then you are in for a lesbian themed ramble on the web ...  I'm going to start with the letter F ...F is for Female, Famous, Friday, Filmy, and Fresh, but mostly its on F/F relationships in RL ... or ??

If your would rather stay slightly above RL you can follow the news. This week the Huffpost seems to have had a preference for comments on Jodi Foster's speech at the Golden Globe ....  surprise! I'm wondering if it's really in good taste to pass judgement on a woman's choice of how much of her life she wishes to share whith the public at large? Well never mind ... let's move back to the basics ... a hand to hold, a body to keep you warm at night, a partner to share in raising a child, a smile to cherish .... whatever you are looking for or looking to hold on to, there are blogs and sites to advise you,  but I say that quite a bit of the advise shared is just basic knowledge and not something that would stand out in any kind of relationship, whatever the gender of the partners in question. 

On the other hand I sometimes wonder if some of these sites are for real .. or is it just a matter of different cultures? ... I'm not American you know! Check out the  LesbianDatingSecrets ... Barbara has trained at the Matchmaking Institute ... is that for real?! If you happen to live in the San Francisco Bay Area you can also get help with the matchmaking with Dr. Frankie Bashan at the ! Maybe  I'm not the only one thinking that this matchemaking thing is a bit weird .. try this ! And if online dating freaks you out ... this won't help.

I have to say that I much prefer the attitude at the CardCarryingLesbian, About.Com on Lesbian Life  and TheLesbianDatingProject on tumblr, but that's what is so great about the WWW - there is a little something for everyone ... no matter you preference ! 

As for the F/F Fanfiction reading ... well I'm letting my feet get cold in the snow with Fox and Kia in GabGold's The Foundlings .. watch out for harsh nature, sledge dogs and hunting to get food on the table and furs to keep you warm ... well that's until your mate get the idea as to how she can help keep the temperatures up in your dwelling at night!


  1. Thanks, I enjoyed "The Foundlings". Simple, but cute.

  2. I agree it's a simple storyline but in a rarely used set up .... I'm not that familiar with Gabrielle Goldsby's writing - so I can't say if this is her standard fare.