Sunday, February 03, 2013

"Hindsight" by Lois Kay

I say that these two cute cupcakes are meant to be together! On the other hand sometimes fate or perhaps - in hindsight - a bad choice will decide a different future not only for a "couple of cup cakes" but more likely for a cute pair of lovers.

If you want to explore the matter of "bad decisions" a bit closer you might tag along as I tell you about my latest venture into the world of F/F Fanfiction. This time I went out with Lois Kay. Lois has a nice backlog of stories with "Hearts Choice" being my favourite by her pen.

Before we put on our clogs and starts prowling hospital floors looking for Hannah - yes we are looking to find doctors and nurses this time .. yumi (!) - we might just take a minute to explore the topic of bad choices. I guess some us have a vivid recollection of a date gone wrong, time wasted looking for love in the wrong places or how we mistook a smile, a dance or a kiss for more than just a casual interest. Some might even have managed to do the U-haul thing just to find that living together gives the word  INCOMPATIBLE a new meaning!

If you are experienced in the world of LesFic you know that the authors have us - or rather the protagonists - take more than just a slight detour on the route towards LHEA. LesFic gives the matter of making bad choices a new meaning all together! Now I'm not saying that Hannah made a bad choice when she started going out with Rachel back when she waited tables to pay her way through nursing school or that Rachel wasn't serious about their relationship while she went to medschool or did her residency, but four years ago Rachel did make the choice to leave Hannah with no farewell and certainly no reasonable explanation, she just disappeared!

So where does that leave Hannah ...? Well I found her in the home of her Granny, who seems to have picked her up and put her back on her feet these last four years since Rachel left. As you might have guessed by now Lois is not telling us the story of how Hannah got herself back together and took up life looking for love in the arms of a woman more loving and caring that Rachel.

This is the story of Rachel returning to her home town and ... well yes taking up work at the same hospital as Hannah, and running into Hannah ... and ... nah I wont tell, but I'll let you know that if you are looking for a mushy romantic tale of how two women pick up the love that even a bad choice can't kill, then put your feet up and enjoy this read.

"Hindsight" is a tale of love, family looking out for each other and for some family members maybe even looking a little too closely in on each others love interest. Yes I aim to make you wonder ! But I'll let you know that once the mushy love turns solid, you'll be treated to a bit of a thriller - not quite my ball game - but I found the mix enjoyable enough.

I should perhaps point out that Lois is not one to invite her readers into the bedroom of her protagonists, so if you are looking for love with a spicy flavour, I suggest that you look elsewhere. A visit with CK and Branson in Larisa's "The Phantom" might be to your liking. It's not a read big on mushy romance, but a great mix of romance and humour all the same. This is among my absolute favourite Larisa stories and Larisa is high on my list of all time favourite Fanfiction writers - so I say if you haven't been to CK's farm then don't hesitated...  run along and see if you can catch a ride with Branson, she has a pair of fast wheels at least when the destination is LOVE !


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    1. Are you looking for any specific type of stories or themes ?

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    1. Good question ... I'm not really spending time on F/F FanFiction these days so I haven't got new stories to write about and I thought that you might get tired of me just rambling on this and that...