Saturday, April 13, 2013

Where are YOU when YOU're gone ....

I know that You are ..... around. I see the traces that You leave behind, I hear the faint sound of Your footsteps, I sense the scent that is YOU ... everywhere. I know that if I speed up, get there early... I'll ..... if only I can close the gap in time between us, I'll catch up with You ... with us.... with my life ...

I Miss You and Our Time, Our place in Time, the Good Times ... did we live on Borrowed Time or did Our Time just run out?

I like it when writers takes the time to tell their stories. Take time to unfold the before, the after and the "in between". I hate getting dropped right in the middle of "it". I hate just being walked into a darkish bar to get picked up by someone looking for sex ... the next thing you know or rather feel, are rougish hands "feeling" you up ... uhhh not for me. 

I want the "real thing" ... the slow awakening of feelings, the surprise at finding love where you least thought it possible, the impossibility of acting on your feelings and the surprise, joy and happiness when the ball finally gets rolling and the first kiss land on your waiting lips.... 

You want to go on a ramble for that .... the stories with a before, an in between and a living happily ever after ? ... I'm warning those of you familiar with this blog I'm going to ramble along well known paths, if you like walking along memory lane then come along.

I thought that we might start our ramble in Scotland this time.  A place with a long storyline, just as is the case with "Licit Cusp" by Weebod. I know the title is ... well i's not really inviting, but never mind that. I'm with Weebod for the loooong storyline and the slow unfolding of attraction.
So pick up “Licit Cusp” and get acquainted with Shona MacLeod. Shona is from the small Hebridean island of North Uist. A small society where a hard and religious man like Shona's father has amble chance to keep his children on a tight reign. The question is - can he keep his hold on Shona once she moves to Edinburg and start her life as a student of history and an employee at “The Railwaymen's Club”, a local bar, run by the slightly older woman Toni ... do take the time to see where life will lead Shona and Toni.

Now if Weebod is your thing you should move on to "Conflict of Interest". This is classic uber with a small blond and a tall dark haired woman ... yes their eyes have the  perfect colour too! This time we are talking "heart" vs. "money" as Elish - leader of the local community centre - and Aisling - daughter of the owner of the shopping complex where the community centre is situated - crosses paths in business and love.

Lets stay with Weebod for one last fling ... this time with "The Player". The basic theme of the story is the conflict of interest between “the player” Gillian or Gill who lives her life charming and bedding all available women, never stopping to consider to call for a second date, and Emma the woman that finally breaks through Gill's amour, but don’t want to risk her heart on someone who might not be faithful.

Look up a list of Weebod's stories on Athenaeum. You'll see that Weebod has started a new series of short stories under the title "Stories From The Cities Series". I'm really happy to see that Weebod's pen is still active. 

So where have you been spending your F/F Fanfiction time while I've been ... well just busy with..... other worth while interests ?


  1. I like both kinds of stories, depending on my mood. Sometimes I want the slow, well developed story. I definitely get more attached to those characters. But I will admit, I also like the quick gropes as well. They both serve a purpose!

    I have been rereading old stories, and looking for new stuff where ever I can find it. I enjoy The Royal Academy of Bards quite a bit.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation to read weebod's work. I have enjoyed all the stories very much.

    1. Nice to know that You had a good time reading these stories. If you need another quality read and You haven't had a chance to look into L.A. Tucker "The Light Fantastic" or the short romance "Between a Memory and A Dream" then maybe now is the time ?