Sunday, June 23, 2013

How did You get Your Frist Grilfriend Job ?

It is time, time to tell How You Got Your First Girlfriend Job?! If you wonder about the Job part of the question, then don't worry I'll get back to that with Kylie and Blair ... just hang on. 

If you are a regular visitor here or at the F/F Fan Fiction sites like The Athenaeum and The Academy of Bards you are probably acquainted with the Girlfriend part of the question. If not personally then by the vivid fantasy of the many authors who share their work for free at these sites. Should you wonder where the authors get the inspiration for the story lines we love then look up the The Writer's Studio at The Fan Fiction Lounge, Lori has lured quite a few of the F/F Fan Fiction worlds best known pens to comment on their work and answer questions from their audience ... us The Readers!

Now lets get back to the job part ... let me introduce you to Kylie, the outgoing and out lesbian with the job opening for a new girlfriend... at 40 she has it all, a nice house with just a little too much room for one, one of those white lab coats that makes her an item in the LesFic world of Medical Romance, and the best STRAIGHT room mate and girlfriend - well not girlfriend as such .... -  that a woman can have - her name is Blair! 

Blair is not having the best time in her life right now - "homeless" - as in separating from her husband after 10 years of marriage - and pregnant - as in having been inseminated with a donor due to her husbands .... just to find that that he is not really keen on parenting an other man's child (!). Blair needs a friend and Kylie is just the best friend a pregnant woman can have. Willing to share her house and life with Blair and her soon to be new born baby son. 

You might think that Blair is delusional when she decides to make a pitch for the girlfriend job with Kylie, at least Kylie does ... and who is to blame her considering Blairs STRAIGHT story line? Well I side with Blair here ... why should her former marriage and her pregnancy exclude her from committing to the girlfriend job with Kylie? If you want to know how Blair work the job opening and land the job then look up "All That Matters" by S.X. Meagher, but do it on a rainy day ... it's a looooong story, but a favourite of mine.

Well not everyone goes about getting into the girlfriend position like Blair, some has different Wooing Tactics and some has a more perceptive medium to persuade. If you need to tune up Your technique  maybe you should look up the AfterEllen moves. If this is your first time trying out for a girlfriend position maybe you also want to consider Coming Out to family and friends somewhere along the line - these advices might help when you consider Your options.

Should you fail the job interview don't despair I'm sure that you'll get another chance - just follow the section on job openings in your local paper. For inspiration look up "Everything Personal".

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