Saturday, May 11, 2013

I'm wondering ... what's the story ?

I can't help wondering what ticks off the imagination of a writer. What makes her pen move fast across the paper or her fingers move quickly on the keyboard? Her private muse might do the trick, but does every writer have one of those ... muses that is ?

Perhaps the image of a bride in a narrow escape from ..... ? There is probably a perfectly resonable explanatation for a woman in heels and wedding gown to sprint down the high street with a bridesmaid leading her astray, but it sure looks to me like a story wanting to be told ... 
I don't need elaborate writing skills to make up my own story. I can easily picture the flow of a storyline, the sounds of voices and a before and after the photo above, but it's definitely not as much fun as if Larisa was writing it up with her steady supply of loony and lonely characters !

Ok if Larisa was writing it up - I'm not quite sure that we would be seeing women in heels and shiny dresses carrying the storyline or maybe that's exactly what writing is about - putting situations, characters and other "stuff" together in a storyline that you as the reader would not expect.

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  1. Talking about larisa, where is she? it's been years since Iv'e seen a new story by her, hope she's well.