Thursday, May 09, 2013


A bit of loving - looks nice and comfy ! You never know if this is just "posing" for the photographer or if it is a tiny bit of real life caught through the "eye" of the camera. We'll never know - so why care ?

Every photo, every story, poem or rime at The Corner carries a hint of love, love for a woman, by a woman ... with the joy and happiness, the sadness and sorrow, the dreams, the hopes, the present, the future, what was and what will be if we have the patience to wait or perhaps to make the choice, the choice to make life ... love happen!

It's up to you to make sense or no sense of this. To dismiss it or carry it with you.... what ever you do, do it for you!

Here we go ... a couple, alone with one another, with a smile, a laughter, a kiss - with a hat or without but always - in that moment in time - together.

Make up a story to go with the smiles. A reason for the women to laugh, to feel happy. Make up a life for the women, a life that you would want for YOU. If you can dream it ... you can make it happen ... at least in your mind... and once you've imagined a life for you with the woman you LOVE ... you'll find that she comes to you ... perhaps in your dreams at night.

When you dream HER make her as beautiful, as kind, as loving and considerate as you want her to be. She is yours to create and manipulate, but remember once your dream comes true - it's for you to be the woman of HER dreams. To make her dream of you come true too!

Cherish your love - do not hold her captive in your dream set her FREE. She is the woman of your dreams, but she is no longer yours to manipulate, she is a woman in her own right. She has the right to choose her life, her love ... and among all the woman in the world she chose YOU - you carry her heart as she carry yours!

Help her carry the burden of her love for you. The burden of fear, the fear of loosing what she loves the most - the love of the woman of her dreams -

Tell that she can never loose YOUR love  ... by accident, by neglect, by cruelness ... that your love is not dependent on her actions, her love ... Your love is just that ....YOUR Love and it's all for her no matter how she feels about you. 

Be strong for her - carry the burden of love for the both of you!

LOVE is as strong as you make it !

You give your heart in love, but the state of your heart is determined only by the strength of your

... probably got a bit carried away here with all the hugs and tender love ... please don't mind my ramblings - just enjoy the pictures.
I'm still on heels  trying to pick up pace ... but I seem to have got stuck again here at The Corner ... Got to cut loose ... or maybe I should forget about being loose ... I'm after all for permanent relationships !

... whatever I'll go look for more hugs .....

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