Tuesday, March 11, 2014

"Money doesn't smell"

The waste resources of the internet informs me that when the Roman Emperor Vespasian ordered a tax on public bathrooms way back when, he explained this to his son with the words "Money doesn't smell". Apparently this was his way of saying

“If you see an opportunity to make money – use it!

It has taken quiet a while for lesbians to be included in mainstream commercial advertising but we are getting there.

This might not be fan fiction but it's fiction all the same !

If you are wondering about the product ... follow the dress closely !

And along the same lines ... follow the girl, look out for the car...

 The Clio is not the only car with a Lesbian behind the wheel ... it you prefer Toyota try this.

One might ask if a Toyota is really sexy ... ok I'm not going to question your taste in cars but lets move back to the fun of buttons ... as in Levis 501...

...... now don't get ideas ... keep those jeans on it's not time for bed just yet ... lets just surf on for a bit to calm the nerves...

Lets end this in our own world .... an ad for same sex marriages !

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