Sunday, March 16, 2014

"There is nothing like looking, if you want to finde something"

There is looking for the meaning of life, looking for love, looking for trouble - hopefully the "good kind" ! We can make each other look good or ridiculous for that matter. We can look each other up or look away when we happen to meet on the street. We can keep looking or we can stop ... there is a hell of a lot of ways to look, but really not so many not to...

So I say it's ok to look. It's impractical or almost impossible not to! Maybe its ok to look even if you are not looking to find ?

You might ask where I'm going with all this looking around .... are we looking for new good reads in the world of f/f fic? I guess that's something to look for but at the moment not something I seem to find at the usual hunting grounds on "Atheneum", "The Academy" or with the" Uber ect." Why might that be ? Has every good pen turned to selfpublishing to make a dollar. Is the ebook business taking our free reads ? I don't mind paying to feed my reading habit or the mouths that feed the pens I'm addicted to but I guess that there is the reads that I'll pay for with my "reading time" and the quality reads that I'll spend money on.... ok this was really not the road I wanted to go down with this post.

What I did want to do was to look ... not to find just to look... and maybe you want that too ... if not just look away!

"Clair Underwood" or Robin Wright is a classy act with a minimalistic wardrobe! But I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of the devious master plan she and Frank orchestrates in "House of Cards". As for love I don't know ... this marriage is surely a devoted one, but I do get the impression that the devotion is more of a business plan than one of LOVE ... but who am I to judge ... LOVE comes in many colours, shapes and forms ... and I say it's up to you to look for the kind that suits you!

“Am I really the sort of enemy you want to make?” - Claire
Now who is up next ? How about something with a little less self restraint, a more emotional act but still a woman with a mission .... MacKenzie McHale graduate from Cambridge, executive producer of NewsNight and the voice in the ear of TV-anchor Will McAvoy. 

You might chose to believe that Mac spend a few years in Peshawar on the Afgani-Pakistani border reporting as a self imposed penance for cheating on Will ... and telling him, but I do find it hard to "see" her live in action shooting footage with bearded men with loaded guns... but that's the storyline we are feed. On the other hand it really doesn't matter much what you believe as long as Mac believes in her project to move Will and NewsNight to a new level on the US-news scene..... and in her ability to win Will back!

So this is The News in the American way - and love as in a reversed fairy tale - the princess fights her way through a countless number of tests and punishments ... it's almost SM-like to see what Will - her cuckold lover - throws at her. Unfortunately Will is not the only one with an axe to grind with Mackenzie. The HBO producer / writer Alan Sorkin do give her an almost unbelievable dumb dialogue to perform at times ... but hey we are looking not listening!

I'm sorry to say that I've found no subtext at all in "House of Cards" or "Newsroom" so if you want to take a look at the women mentioned above don't go looking for a "close" female friend ! But when it comes to the act of looking it really doesn't matter much what team you play for ... it's just looking ... you know!

If team play matters to you, you might take a look at the Swedish film "Kyss Mig" - don't look for the surreal beauty of the US-female protagonists, but this is the "real thing" as in falling in love and coming out with your ..... soon to be stepsister ... ok that might sound a little over the top for you but it's really all right. We are talking stepsisters as in parents remarrying late in life.  
In the not too long line of lesbian themed films this is a class act and what's more it "feels" mainstream ... as in playing for an All American team.... I'm not going to mention that the women are not just "holding hand" ....

Look around even if you are just looking and not Looking to find!

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