Monday, March 14, 2016

Top 10s ... this time it's not mine!

 In no particular order .. the recommendations from an Anonymous guest  
  • "Passions Fool" by Kim Pritekel - step back in time to an era of castles, handmaidens, miladies, sword and armour ... and a woman passing as man to secure the safety of her family.
  • "The Dar and Karry stories" a long series by Melissa Goods - a contemporary storyline with a couple of lovely ladies  - so if you like them "tale and dark and blond with a pair of green eyes" this is it Xena and Gabrielle in disguise or Uber I should say. You'll be well entertained if you chose to spend some time in the Dar and Karry universe. 
  • "Denial" by Omega13 ... this story is for those of you who takes your stories long. I should let you know that it's a favourite story for quite a number of readers even if it didn't make my Top 10.  The core of the storyline is an attraction between Celeste and her brothers fiancée Amy so do prepare for a lot of angst ...  
  • "Chance" by Windstar and Zee - An alternative universe fic filled with werewolves and other para normalities - sorry not my style so I haven't checked it out for you
  • "The Fellowship" and sequel "Up In the Air" by K. Darblyne
  • "Clandestine" by Cheyne - a burned out and drunken CIA still has a chance to redeem herself even if the circumstances look bad ...
  •  "Darby" by Azurenon 
  • "Coward" by Phair -  (sci fi)

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  1. Yay! I always love it when you update :) thanks for the list!