Sunday, April 10, 2016

The best of ....

Some pen's seems to never stop but keep on turn out a never ending stream of fics. Even today in the "dry season" of online Lesfic you can still find Kim Pritekel posting stories with The Academy of Bards when they run their specials for Valentines Day and Halloween. 

You will recognise the formula of LOVE and the steamy exchange of affection when you venture out with Kim Pritekel, but if you take the long way round the writing from this pen you will find quite a number of well written fic's, especially those penned in what I take to be the early days.

It properly won't take You long to catch that the "fan" part of the equation with Kim Pritekel is "feisty blond", "tall and dark" or just the "bluest eyes meeting green" ... we are as often is the case talking Uber Xena fiction.

So if you are game I'll start you out with my favourite Kim Pritekel story "Again"(****). You'll find a little of every romantic theme in this story. A young love lost, a life torn apart by critical illness, a friend that will stand by you through it all and not the least of all a new chance of finding love and LHEA. If you aren't familiar with Kim Pritekel this is not a bad way to meet up for the first time.

When you've overcome the seriousness of a brain surgery with Caden and Laurel in "Again" you might want to go "Bible Thumping"(*). We are still on the issue of a young love lost by the interference of parents not quit happy with a daughter looking to find love with a fair maiden ... 

If you want to go further down the road with Kim Pritekel You'll have to have a stomach for a bad start in life as in child abuse and serious neglect or if we are talking mature women it's "battered wife" and the likes. It's not as if "bad times" take over the storyline, but it's on the other hand often present as the setting and often not just as hint of bad times passed. If you are OK with this premise you might want to spend some time with "Control"(**). Alexa Hofmann helped pen this long and well developed storyline unfolding the lives of Garrison and the girls Keller and Parker, and how they came to be a loving family.

You'll find a similar harsh family situation in a number of stories by Kim Pritekel but if you go for the longer fic's as in "The Long Road Home"(**) this plays in well with the storyline of love "Lost and Found" (**) and the "Outcome"(**) is a given. Alexa Hoffmann also helped pen this last fic which seems to help with the romantic build up and reduce the formalistic steamy affection, but don't worry You'll never be left at the wrong side of the bedroom door when Kim Pritekel is around.

There are more ways than one to get over "Old Wounds" and have a new beginning and with Kim Pritekel we get a lot of different story lines for the same eternal road to love and LHEA. The stories are mostly contemporary and you will find no werewolf's or "Twilight" (**) setting but if you do go out one night to the Ditterman's bridge in Oklahoma you might just for a minute think that You've landed in just such a Twilight zone as Willow in her clown suit dive into the ice cold water after a leather clad figure. Do dive in with her and follow the slow building of friendship, a not so usual family setting and perhaps a looong way down the road .... some love and affection.

If You do want to get up close and REAL personal You probably should have a go at "Safe Word" (*) this is PWP as in "Plot what Plot" but it's written for the 2007 Valentines Day invitational on The Academy so romance is part of the equation even if it starts out as a "no strings attached" party of black clad figures hunting for fresh meat in the shadows of darkness.... Be Safe! Don't get to close to the action unless you know the Safe Word !

A few of the fic's by Kim Pritekel are no longer available at The Academy but if you want to have a look at these you can go back in time with a little help from the "The Waybackmachine" and find working links to "Collector" and "Wild" (-) be warned "Collector" is way past my comfort zone.

I'll leave you with a "Lesson" (**) another extra long fic on the theme of young love that never dies penned by Kim Pritekel and Alexa Hoffman. This is - as a number of stories by this pen - a tale of young love rekindled when girls turn into women. This time you find the story in a college setting and the women joining forces in Psyche 101.

I say You've got a lot of reading on your hands if you want to get yourself acquainted with the pen of Kim Pritekel. Do let me know if you find that one of Kim Pritekel's fic's made their way to your personal "Top 10" ... and while you read on I'll go update "Listmania" and "Top 10s" with a few stories I find missing on my lists.

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