Sunday, September 11, 2011

What Women Want

Some women might want Mel Gibson !? If that is the case then a few hours with "What Women Want" - The movie ;-) - might be the thing, but maybe your interests lie elsewhere ?

Judging from the statistics on Fan Fiction Reader's Corner "What f/f Readers Want" is this:

A story with a "Women Who Went West" theme preferably penned by B L Miller or Ann McMan and if that's not on offer they will take on a story with "White Coats, Warm Hands and Wondrous Hearts" - the theme where you find all the doctors and nurses milling around the ER.   

I prefer the "White Coats" to the "Gun belts and Horse saddles" ... maybe I'm just not getting the "leather" thing ? Anyway there are amble chance to pursue both lines of interest in the fan fiction universe. If you need guidance look up the theme section in "Listmania".

On this note I might say that "Listmania" is the most used feature on this site followed closely by the "Top 10s". So I'm thinking that maybe I ought to put a bit more time in on tuning up these pages in the future ... well we will see.

Now back to the statistics ... ok I know it is a boring theme ..... but you are free to skip this post ... if you are still with me it is by choice, so there is really no reason for you to complain!

It is really not surprising that "Jericho" by Ann McMan is placed third on the list of post most read at The Corner. I think that this story and pen are among the best liked new stories/pens that has emerged recently. Well "Denial" by Omega13 might be in a close run with "Jericho" I just haven't reviewed it at The Corner - it's a loooong story.

What I find more surprising is the fact that B L Millers and Verda Fosters story "Graceful Waters" is not only the second most used google search that brings readers to The Corner, the post I wrote on this story is also the second most read post on the site. 

Why the surprise ? Well among B L Millers stories I prefer "Crystals Heart" to "Graceful Waters" as I think Crystals Heart" has a stronger storyline and further B L Millers stories are not recently written they are like what ... 10 years old? The stories hold their own even after this time, but I'm surprised that the stories are still so well known and sought after. 

Well the reason for the many searches for "Graceful Waters" might be that the story is no longer that easy to find as it has been taken offline, but I've used some of my "Tools of the Trade" tips to find a still working link and posted that with my review.

While we are on the note of B L Miller, I might mention to those of you who prefer the Western themed stories that B L Miller and Verda Foster penned "The Western Chronicles" sporting a good hearted gunsling and a young women in a bit of a bend. You might like to follow their journey towards ... well they are travelling towards a safe place, but they are also working on the romance thing, so I guess that they have a somewhat dual goal, but are that not what this is all about ... setting out in one direction and picking up something wonderful on the way ?  

To get back on track - What This Woman Wants from her online LesFic reading is mushy romance, in a contemporary setting, with a strong storyline, a few well developed characters and if the writer throws in some humor and a well crafted dialog .... then I am pleased ;-) I guess that I might be a bit demanding when you take into account that I'm talking free online fiction, but I'm allowed to wish  - am I not?

I do actually get what I want now and again - look up the "Top Ten" page or the stories with **** or  *** stars - they qualify as really good reads.

And no I still haven't been doing much reading lately, but I did stop by for a reread of two of my favourite online fic's recently. You might want to look them up if you have the time: 

  • "The Harvest" by G. E. Birch qualifies as a TOP TEN mushy read - it's a "Jumping the Fence" kind of story with the necessary angsty parts on the road towards happy ending
  • "Rumors" by Badsquirrel is an old time favourite - you wont find a softer, all butch woman than Kelly anywhere - don't miss this story - its romance and humour in a will written combination.

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